Amy Klobuchar, you’re still not a thing

  1. That effectiveness ranking isn’t a big deal because senators who are up for re-election do more than other senators because they have to be seen being useful. Amy was up for re-election.
  2. The bills she sponsored garnered a whopping one Senate vote opposed. They passed by voice vote in Mitch McConnell’s Senate, which should tell you how controversial they were. Mitch McConnell won’t even allow hearings on gun control, a concept that is popular everywhere but in the Senate. For him to allow a Democratic senator to get votes on four bills tells you how unthreatened he feels by them and by her.
  1. They wish to keep being read by the rich white conservatives who read the publications that employ centrists.
  2. Something even less compassionate, such as “my quarterly dividends from my health insurance stocks would decrease” or “unlucky strangers suffering and dying for no good reason isn’t an argument in favor of changing anything.”




I write mostly data-driven stuff.

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Patrick Hopkins

Patrick Hopkins

I write mostly data-driven stuff.

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